This Sex Worker Who Was Sexually Assaulted Didn’t Think She Would Be Believed. Now Her Client Is Going To Jail

“They’re not going to believe me because I’m a sex worker.” This is what Nikki Cox — a pseudonym she works under — thought to herself when she drove to a police station after she was sexually assaulted by a client, who booked with the name Alex, in February last year. But Alex was on Tuesday handed a partly suspended sentence of 15-months in jail — of which he must serve two months — for one count of aggravated sexual assault, to which he pleaded guilty in April.

"Racism And Sexism Come Together": Inside Australia's Far Right

Australia’s far right nationalist movement is a fractured network of rabidly racist and obsessively Islamophobic white men who use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and message forums to connect with those who share their unrelenting disgust for multiculturalism, immigration and feminism. BuzzFeed News spoke to high profile Muslim women in Australia who have been targeted by these groups, including the nation’s first ever Muslim senator Mehreen Faruqi, who says these men spread an “absolutely inter-related” mix of misogyny and racism.

A Postal Abortion Service That Sent RU486 To Thousands Of Women Is Shutting Down

The Tabbot Foundation was founded in Sept. 2015 by Dr Paul Hyland, who said his service had provided medical terminations to around 6,000 Australian women living "as far east as Lord Howe Island and as far west as Rottnest Island". "After we finish the last 20 patients that we have registered it is over, with great regret and remorse," the 75-year-old gynaecologist told BuzzFeed News. "For the first time in my life I won't have to be on-call 24 hours a day."

White Ribbon Australia Has Withdrawn Its Support For Reproductive Rights

BuzzFeed News broke the story that White Ribbon had withdrawn a statement that said “all women should have complete control over their reproductive and sexual health”. The retracted statement was first issued in February 2017 during a previous push to decriminalise abortion in Queensland and highlights that research indicates unplanned pregnancy is more common among women experiencing domestic violence. White Ribbon Australia did not announce the initial retraction, but BuzzFeed News understands members of the organisation contacted a number of pregnancy option counselling and sexual health providers to notify them of the shift on Thursday, the morning after politicians voted to decriminalise abortion in Queensland. The anti-domestic violence charity’s (then) new chief executive Tracy McLeod Howe told BuzzFeed News the organisation had withdrawn the statement because "we are agnostic until our stakeholders tell us it is important to most of them". The story was then covered by Fairfax, ABC, Women's Agenda, Guardian, News Corp and Ten Daily. There was a big public backlash, McLeod Howe issued a mea culpa, the organisation then reissued the statement and McLeod Howe ultimately left the organisation claiming she was "pushed out".

This Video Shows An Anti-Abortion Picketer Offering A Woman Help With Immigration If She "Keeps The Baby"

"I learnt that one of the things they do is specifically target people of colour and migrant patients who are trying to access the clinic," the 24-year-old Chinese-Australian told BuzzFeed News. "[The patients] are told that if they keep their baby, they get free legal services and immigration help and, in some cases, free visas." So she decided to see if it was true.

This Woman Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Fly Interstate For An Abortion

Federal health minister Greg Hunt echoed Ferguson that day in an interview with Sky News when he repeated that services had been “restored” in the state: “I can confirm that there are private services that will now be available.” But a week later Tasmanian woman and former government staffer Bianca* went to her GP where she returned a positive pregnancy blood test. Her story, in which she struggled to find anyone to do the procedure and ultimately spent more than $4,000 flying interstate, is proof that little has been done to address the situation.

Here's What The Woman Fired By Cricket Australia For Tweeting About Abortion Wants You To Know

Angela Williamson had no intention of telling her parents about her abortion. "I'm 39 and I had to tell my mum and dad that I'd lost my job because I tweeted about accessing abortion," Williamson, who was sacked by Cricket Australia in late June for tweeting about the lack of abortion access in her state, told BuzzFeed News. "So then of course I had to explain to [my parents] about my own termination." Williamson flew to Victoria in February for the procedure which cost $4,500 for flights, acc

The Australian Government Argued A Refugee Couldn’t Come To Australia For An Abortion Because Of The Size Of Her Vaginal Opening

Peter Dutton’s lawyers argued a pregnant refugee on Nauru with “extreme” genital mutilation who wanted an abortion didn’t need to be brought to Australia for the procedure. The lawyers said that because the woman's vagina had been unstitched, she should instead have the operation in Taiwan, without specialist care or the aid of an interpreter.

Women Are Flying Interstate For Surgical Abortions Because One Doctor Retired

When he retired late last year, after performing nearly 9000 abortions, women with unwanted pregnancies in Far North Queensland were left in the lurch. The Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (CHHHS) told BuzzFeed News: "Until recently, surgical terminations were provided in Cairns by a private doctor. Cairns Hospital patients who required this procedure were referred to this doctor who recently retired."

This Church-Funded Cafe Is Raising Money For The Anti-Abortion Clinic Next Door

Online reviews of Esencia cafe in the NSW border town of Albury praise the "top notch" hot chocolate and "divine cheesecakes" , sold to raise funds "for a good cause". But it isn't clear whether the customers know they are topping up a fund to buy a $30,000 ultrasound machine for the Women's Life Centre - an organisation owned by the Catholic Parish of Holy Spirit Lavington - to scan women with unplanned pregnancies.

A Woman Was Turned Away From A Hospital After A Failed Medical Abortion

A woman in regional NSW has been turned away from her closest hospital and forced to drive six hours to another hospital for a minor operation after a failed medical abortion. Sophie — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — found out she was pregnant in January and called telehealth service The Tabbot Foundation, which delivers medical abortion drugs RU486 in states where it is legal to take the pills outside a registered medical facility.

This Guy Says He Is Owed Money After Working For The Government's $4 Per Hour Internship Program

Share On more Share On more In its 2016 federal budget, the government introduced the controversial scheme in which young people could voluntarily earn $200 a fortnight — or $4 an hour, as identified by BuzzFeed News — on top of their current welfare payments, for the duration of a four-to-12 week internship. Under the Youth Jobs PaTH policy, businesses receive an upfront $1,000 payment from the government for taking on the intern, who works for a maximum of 50 hours a fortnight. David, who a
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