These "Pro-Choice" Women Have Complicated Feelings About Their Abortions

“Any sign of weakness is co-opted by a narrative that I don’t want to contribute to because I’m not grieving for the child I could have had,” she says. “Reducing it to a decision that you have to be 100% comfortable with really erases the experience of people who — for whatever reason — need to terminate a pregnancy but who would, in other circumstances, have kept it. It doesn’t leave room for people who have conflicted emotions about it.”

Many Women Who Have Abortions Are Already Mothers. Here Are Their Stories

Kate had a medical abortion on the eve of Mother's Day 2016. “For me the termination was an act of love for my other children and a reaffirmation of my love for my relationship,” she says, whispering into the phone so as not to wake her sleeping baby. “If I hadn’t had an abortion my life would be over… I know I would have taken my own life and left many children without a mum.” When Kate fell pregnant she was battling a then undiagnosed mental illness that she says was a “threat to her life”.

This Sex Worker Who Was Sexually Assaulted Didn’t Think She Would Be Believed. Now Her Client Is Going To Jail

“They’re not going to believe me because I’m a sex worker.” This is what Nikki Cox — a pseudonym she works under — thought to herself when she drove to a police station after she was sexually assaulted by a client, who booked with the name Alex, in February last year. But Alex was on Tuesday handed a partly suspended sentence of 15-months in jail — of which he must serve two months — for one count of aggravated sexual assault, to which he pleaded guilty in April.

We Might Be Getting A National Abortion Hotline. This State Is Successfully Running Its Own

A woman with an unwanted pregnancy to a violent partner, who doesn’t have enough money to pay a private provider for a surgical abortion; a woman whose period is two weeks late; a woman who is over 12 weeks gestation with an unwanted pregnancy in a rural area who had to travel to Melbourne for an abortion; a single mother with mental health concerns and an unintended pregnancy at an early gestation; a woman looking for a doctor to insert a hormonal contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD).

Here’s What You Need To Know About Endometriosis And Fertility

More than 700,000 Australian women have endometriosis, in which cells similar to those that line the uterus grow outside of the uterus, leading to all sorts of symptoms including debilitating pain. Up to a quarter of women with endometriosis are asymptomatic, but most experience dysmenorrhea (painful periods), chronic pelvic pain and painful sexual intercourse, and between 30% and 50% of endometriosis patients struggle with infertility. Endometriosis and infertility “go hand in hand” says Melbou

"Racism And Sexism Come Together": Inside Australia's Far Right

Australia’s far right nationalist movement is a fractured network of rabidly racist and obsessively Islamophobic white men who use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and message forums to connect with those who share their unrelenting disgust for multiculturalism, immigration and feminism. BuzzFeed News spoke to high profile Muslim women in Australia who have been targeted by these groups, including the nation’s first ever Muslim senator Mehreen Faruqi, who says these men spread an “absolutely inter-related” mix of misogyny and racism.

The Anatomy Of A Gang-Rape Trial: “I Felt Like I Was The Guilty One Trying To Prove My Innocence”

The four men accused of gang-raping Elise* at a house party were found not guilty last year. Twenty-two-year-old Christian Dickens, Aaron Jensen (23), and two 21-year-olds who were underage at the time and therefore cannot be named, stood accused of attacking her at a house party in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in 2012 but were acquitted by a jury. Elise was 15 years old on the night in question. This is what it is like to go through a rape trial.

Here Are Australia's Toughest Female Athletes On How The Hell They Do It

“You’re gonna need a lot of resilience and you’re gonna need a good dose of courage.” If Amanda Farrugia could go back in time, this is what she’d tell herself before she started playing Australian Rules football. “I was a little kid that was quite a daredevil and used to make little ramps for my BMX and my skateboard,” Farrugia, who spent much of her childhood kicking a footy around the backyard with her brother, says. The 33-year-old was one of seven athletes interviewed by BuzzFeed News for t

Here's How Hard It Is For Abuse And Violence Survivors To Access Welfare Payments

Sarah — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — was travelling in Sydney in 2012 when she met an Australian man. The now-39-year-old was in a relationship with the man for the next five years, during which she says he was violent. “He was very charming in the beginning … and then at some point it just turned,” Sarah, who is originally from a European country, told BuzzFeed News. “When I fell pregnant I thought maybe he would change and it might make him a better person, but it escalated when I was

The Australian Government Argued A Refugee Couldn’t Come To Australia For An Abortion Because Of The Size Of Her Vaginal Opening

Peter Dutton’s lawyers argued a pregnant refugee on Nauru with “extreme” genital mutilation who wanted an abortion didn’t need to be brought to Australia for the procedure. The lawyers said that because the woman's vagina had been unstitched, she should instead have the operation in Taiwan, without specialist care or the aid of an interpreter.

We Spoke To The Female Politician Who Endured Months Of Abuse So Abortion Could Be Decriminalised

A few weeks before abortion was decriminalised in Queensland, Jackie Trad sat her electorate officers down and discussed whether she needed to hire security to protect them from protestors. "I had prayer groups turning up to my electorate office, people coming in and hurling abuse," Queensland's deputy premier told BuzzFeed News the morning after legislation introduced by her government to decriminalise abortion passed through the state's parliament. "My staff don’t deserve to come to work and

This Woman Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Fly Interstate For An Abortion

Federal health minister Greg Hunt echoed Ferguson that day in an interview with Sky News when he repeated that services had been “restored” in the state: “I can confirm that there are private services that will now be available.” But a week later Tasmanian woman and former government staffer Bianca* went to her GP where she returned a positive pregnancy blood test. Her story, in which she struggled to find anyone to do the procedure and ultimately spent more than $4,000 flying interstate, is proof that little has been done to address the situation.

This Man Couldn't Support His Partner During Her Abortion Because Tassie Women Still Have To Fly Interstate For Terminations

Toby* had to wait in Tasmania with his kids while his partner flew to Melbourne for a termination. He describes the experience as "ridiculously stressful". "There is no circumstance where having an abortion is stress-free, but for us it meant at this really important time we were in different states and there was this ridiculous amount of logistical stress to have to go through," he told BuzzFeed News.
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