Gina was a cadet journalist and then a general reporter at The Australian newspaper from 2013 to 2016. She started on the property desk for the business section of the paper and then moved onto the general desk where she covered everything including breaking news, media, crime, courts, weather and occasionally national security and politics (especially during state and federal elections). During her time at the paper Gina broke a number of exclusives and front page stories. 

Dirty Dancing musical brings back the Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey lift

‘THE room for error is quite great,” dancer Kurt Phelan says, with a nervous smile. “If you’re a centimetre over or under you’re screwed.” His co-star Kirby Burgess nods. “It is an incredibly demanding ­moment. It is not just getting up there; it is holding it.” It’s Wednesday, 10.30am, and we are holed up in the bowels of Sydney’s Capitol Theatre with the cast of Dirty Dancing under the promise of learning the alchemy behind one of the most enduring pop-cultural moments of the 20th century: we are here to learn the lift. That memorable moment when Jennifer Grey leaps into the arms of Patrick Swayze at the dramatic denouement to Emile Ardolino’s 1987 film; the moment that would see Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’s (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life win an Academy Award and secure its future as a karaoke classic; the moment that inspired a generation of would-be Johnnys and girls who just wanted to be his Baby. The time of my life has arrived. Or has it?

Children of the devolution

Show me a baby boomer who thinks Australian millennials are a bunch of self-interested slackers and I’ll show you Jennifer Rayner’s Generation Less. In her Redback Quarterly essay, the 29-year-old former federal political adviser urgently and articulately argues that young Australians are fast becoming the first generation since the Depression to be worse off than their parents. We’re underemployed or entering the workforce deeper in debt, worth less, underpaid and requiring bigger home loans, while being under-represented as voters and parliamentarians.