Their Loved Ones Were Murdered By Men. Careless Journalists Compounded Their Grief.

Nikita’s partner stabbed her 35 times, an ambush as she slept, before calling the police to turn himself in in the early hours of Jan. 9, 2015. Tarang Chawla remembers there was a breaking news story “within hours” of his sister’s death. “At that stage I didn’t even believe it, I was still in shock and it was a bit of a blur,” Chawla told BuzzFeed News. “She was killed on a Friday, and people were ringing non-stop all weekend.” He didn’t know whether to answer the phone. Was it a relative call

This Sex Worker Who Was Sexually Assaulted Didn’t Think She Would Be Believed. Now Her Client Is Going To Jail

“They’re not going to believe me because I’m a sex worker.” This is what Nikki Cox — a pseudonym she works under — thought to herself when she drove to a police station after she was sexually assaulted by a client, who booked with the name Alex, in February last year. But Alex was on Tuesday handed a partly suspended sentence of 15-months in jail — of which he must serve two months — for one count of aggravated sexual assault, to which he pleaded guilty in April.

"Racism And Sexism Come Together": Inside Australia's Far Right

Australia’s far right nationalist movement is a fractured network of rabidly racist and obsessively Islamophobic white men who use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and message forums to connect with those who share their unrelenting disgust for multiculturalism, immigration and feminism. BuzzFeed News spoke to high profile Muslim women in Australia who have been targeted by these groups, including the nation’s first ever Muslim senator Mehreen Faruqi, who says these men spread an “absolutely inter-related” mix of misogyny and racism.

The Anatomy Of A Gang-Rape Trial: “I Felt Like I Was The Guilty One Trying To Prove My Innocence”

The four men accused of gang-raping Elise* at a house party were found not guilty last year. Twenty-two-year-old Christian Dickens, Aaron Jensen (23), and two 21-year-olds who were underage at the time and therefore cannot be named, stood accused of attacking her at a house party in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in 2012 but were acquitted by a jury. Elise was 15 years old on the night in question. This is what it is like to go through a rape trial.

This Is What It Is Like To Speak Before Your Former Partner Is Sentenced For Your Rape

Katie — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — sat waiting in a small room at Parramatta Local Court on Friday, breathing in slowly, preparing to read her victim impact statement. Just outside the room, their conversation almost audible, sat the family members of her former partner Andrew Bennett, who was about to be sentenced for her rape. Bennett, 33, was charged with two counts of rape in February 2017, to which he pleaded not guilty. He was cleared of one count and convicted of the other by a jury in October this year. All of Katie’s loved ones were interstate where she now lives, but she spoke to her boyfriend, who had to work on Friday, over the phone.

This Woman Suffered Reproductive Coercion. Now Her Ex-Partner Is Going To Jail

Mother of three Isabelle — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — will know in a few weeks how long her ex-partner will spend in jail for raping her. “He was just a monster,” the 34-year-old told BuzzFeed News. Isabelle’s ex-partner, who BuzzFeed News has given the pseudonym Cameron, will be sentenced next month after he was convicted of one count of rape. He was found not guilty of a second count of rape. “When I met him I was vulnerable and lonely and I didn’t think anyone would want to be wit

Here's How Hard It Is For Abuse And Violence Survivors To Access Welfare Payments

Sarah — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — was travelling in Sydney in 2012 when she met an Australian man. The now-39-year-old was in a relationship with the man for the next five years, during which she says he was violent. “He was very charming in the beginning … and then at some point it just turned,” Sarah, who is originally from a European country, told BuzzFeed News. “When I fell pregnant I thought maybe he would change and it might make him a better person, but it escalated when I was

This Is What It's Like To Be Sexually Assaulted By Your Partner

“I was taught to be fearful that if I didn't satisfy every single one of my partner's sexual needs, then I would lose him to someone who would." “There were so many times when I would find myself very reticently acquiescing to him, because I was afraid that going two, three nights in a row without satisfying him would be the motivation he needed to leave.” When she was cooking, studying or washing the dishes Adam would often come up behind her and "thrust violently" into her. "It made me feel so powerless and reminded me of his strength."

Here's How LGBTIQ People Experience Sexual Harassment At Work

Melbourne woman Vanessa — a pseudonym to protect her privacy — described a situation in her current workplace​ that left her uncomfortable and upset. “I am a queer cis-gendered woman and I am in a relationship with a person who was transitioning while I was in this job,” Vanessa told BuzzFeed News. “I let my manager know that I had a partner who was medically transitioning and that this might throw up some challenges for me, and that I would be under a bit more stress in my personal life.”

This Is What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

When Alexa had some career success and was going on an important work trip, she said Jack told her “I’m not going to be the Denis to your Margaret Thatcher”, referencing the former British prime minister’s husband. “I was very unsophisticated emotionally and I just didn’t understand that it was abnormal because I didn’t come from a particularly functional family and my parents were unhappily married,” she said. “I had no idea that it was OK to be valued.”

These Are The Stories Of Women Suffering Dowry Abuse In Australia

Dowry abuse is when someone uses coercion, threats, physical violence or emotional or financial abuse to demand or receive a dowry — money or property given to the groom by his bride or her family before or after a marriage. A parliamentary inquiry is currently looking into the practice of dowry and the potential rate of dowry abuse in Australia. "When I got married, my husband and his family was not given a dowry as my parents were poor," one Sri Lankan-Australian woman wrote in her submiss

These Men Are Speaking For The First Time About Being Sexually Abused

Daniel Megson learned how to numb the symptoms of his trauma at a very young age. "I was about 12 or 13 when I started drinking, smoking, smoking pot, and by the time I was 14 I was taking ecstasy and partying," the 32-year-old told BuzzFeed News. "I was very angry with the world." Megson, who has lived most of his life in London but now calls Sydney, Australia home, was removed from his mother's care when he was a toddler. "My mum would lock us in a dark room and just leave us there for hours a
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