We Might Be Getting A National Abortion Hotline. This State Is Successfully Running Its Own

A woman with an unwanted pregnancy to a violent partner, who doesn’t have enough money to pay a private provider for a surgical abortion; a woman whose period is two weeks late; a woman who is over 12 weeks gestation with an unwanted pregnancy in a rural area who had to travel to Melbourne for an abortion; a single mother with mental health concerns and an unintended pregnancy at an early gestation; a woman looking for a doctor to insert a hormonal contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD).

Two Anti-Abortion Picketers Just Lost Their High Court Challenge

Lawyers for Victorian woman Kathy Clubb and Queensland man Graham Preston argued the zones, which were established to protect patients and staff from harassment and intimidation, infringed on their right to freedom of political communication. In the decision handed down in the High Court on Wednesday morning, all seven judges agreed the appeal should be dismissed, but some gave different reasons for the ruling. "A woman's decision whether or not to abort her pregnancy is not a political decisi

A Postal Abortion Service That Sent RU486 To Thousands Of Women Is Shutting Down

The Tabbot Foundation was founded in Sept. 2015 by Dr Paul Hyland, who said his service had provided medical terminations to around 6,000 Australian women living "as far east as Lord Howe Island and as far west as Rottnest Island". "After we finish the last 20 patients that we have registered it is over, with great regret and remorse," the 75-year-old gynaecologist told BuzzFeed News. "For the first time in my life I won't have to be on-call 24 hours a day."

We Need To Talk About The Abortion Myth Male Politicians Keep Perpetuating

Staunch anti-abortion federal senator Barry O'Sullivan this week made a speech in which he perpetuated what women's health providers say is the "biggest myth" about abortion in Australia. The Toowoomba LNP senator moved a motion to condemn Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion, which he said liberalised abortion in his home state "all the way through to late-term partial-birth abortion".

This Video Shows An Anti-Abortion Picketer Offering A Woman Help With Immigration If She "Keeps The Baby"

"I learnt that one of the things they do is specifically target people of colour and migrant patients who are trying to access the clinic," the 24-year-old Chinese-Australian told BuzzFeed News. "[The patients] are told that if they keep their baby, they get free legal services and immigration help and, in some cases, free visas." So she decided to see if it was true.

Women Are Crossing The Border To Take Two Pills In A State With Better Abortion Access

“We have had a significant number of women getting to our service after their NSW GP has told them abortion is illegal,” Orr said. “I am in Victoria and our abortion law reform makes it very clear to me that if a woman comes in with an unplanned pregnancy and she wants an abortion, that is almost all I need to know, but in NSW, because it is technically in the Crimes Act and there have been doctors charged, I think doctors think ‘I take on enough risks and I don’t want to take that on’.”

This Woman Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Fly Interstate For An Abortion

Federal health minister Greg Hunt echoed Ferguson that day in an interview with Sky News when he repeated that services had been “restored” in the state: “I can confirm that there are private services that will now be available.” But a week later Tasmanian woman and former government staffer Bianca* went to her GP where she returned a positive pregnancy blood test. Her story, in which she struggled to find anyone to do the procedure and ultimately spent more than $4,000 flying interstate, is proof that little has been done to address the situation.

Here's Why Mamamia Just Deleted An Article About Abortion

The article quotes Julie Cook, national director of "Abortion Grief Australia", and directs people to the organisation's website, which has no affiliation with any medical organisation, but offers resources on how a woman might seek forgiveness from God for terminating her pregnancy. Mamamia, which claims it attracts 75 million content views every month, did not respond to questions about whether the author received payment for the piece, or whether it was a sponsored post in which the author p

We Need To Talk About This New Argument For Keeping Abortion A Crime

As Queensland inches towards removing abortion from its criminal code, federal anti-abortion politicians have weighed into the debate. Senator Cory Bernardi last week took to the floor of the Senate to talk about sex selective abortion, ahead of voting in support of a motion moved by Toowoomba senator Barry O'Sullivan to condemn the Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion.

Let Me Count The Ways I Tried To Talk To George Christensen About Abortion

Christensen wrote to treasurer Scott Morrison to ask that $9.5 million allocated to an international family planning organisation be redirected to pregnancy counselling services for young Australian mothers. At an anti-abortion rally in Queensland he encouraged the crowd to take action against that state's government, which is set to reintroduce legislation to decriminalise abortion once it receives recommendations from the Law Reform Commission.

The Australian Government Argued A Refugee Couldn’t Come To Australia For An Abortion Because Of The Size Of Her Vaginal Opening

Peter Dutton’s lawyers argued a pregnant refugee on Nauru with “extreme” genital mutilation who wanted an abortion didn’t need to be brought to Australia for the procedure. The lawyers said that because the woman's vagina had been unstitched, she should instead have the operation in Taiwan, without specialist care or the aid of an interpreter.
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