Medical minefield: the murky world of Instagram advertising

The chief financial officer of Facebook, which owns Instagram, has said the rise in ad revenue during the second quarter of 2020 was primarily driven by small and medium-sized businesses. “In the last year, Instagram has radically pushed into pitching itself as the space of small business,” Professor Leaver says. “They spent the entire pandemic saying ‘we are the saviour of small business’ and you can basically run an entire business through Instagram and not need any other infrastructure.”

Australian Doctors Can Already Turn Away Women Seeking Contraception Or An Abortion. What Will The Religious Discrimination Bill Do?

Doctors in Australia can already object on religious grounds to providing contraception and abortion. In fact, several doctors have signs in their offices outlining that they will not see patients about contraception, abortion, sterilisation or in-vitro fertilisation. Religious hospitals, too, can turn away patients with these needs. But that hasn’t stopped the government moving forward with its religious discrimination bill.

We Need To Talk About The Abortion Myth Male Politicians Keep Perpetuating

Staunch anti-abortion federal senator Barry O'Sullivan this week made a speech in which he perpetuated what women's health providers say is the "biggest myth" about abortion in Australia. The Toowoomba LNP senator moved a motion to condemn Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion, which he said liberalised abortion in his home state "all the way through to late-term partial-birth abortion".

These Doctors Have The Facts On IUD Side Effects So Please Don’t Remove It Yourself

In a random 24-hour period this week dozens of women have described their nausea, breast tenderness, anxiety, hurting joints, fatigue, inability to exercise, sore neck, weight gain, depression, infertility, mood swings, bleeding and psoriasis which they are convinced is the fault of their hormonal intrauterine devices (IUD). This is not an unusual level of activity in the many private Facebook groups where thousands of Australian women gather every day to share stories and advice about their IUD

This Is What Reproductive Health Experts Think About The Comments Section On Abortion Stories

Dr. Philip Goldstone, medical director for Marie Stopes International, Australia's largest provider of pregnancy termination services, said the majority of women who seek an abortion are using some form of contraception at the time of conception, and yet the idea that a woman was "either too lazy or ignorant to access contraception" persists. "Over half of all abortions are performed on patients who were actively trying not to get pregnant," Goldstone told BuzzFeed News.

Here's Why Mamamia Just Deleted An Article About Abortion

The article quotes Julie Cook, national director of "Abortion Grief Australia", and directs people to the organisation's website, which has no affiliation with any medical organisation, but offers resources on how a woman might seek forgiveness from God for terminating her pregnancy. Mamamia, which claims it attracts 75 million content views every month, did not respond to questions about whether the author received payment for the piece, or whether it was a sponsored post in which the author p

Claims On These Anti-Abortion Flyers Are "Nonsensical", Doctors Say

Share On more Share On more The flyers, created by anti-abortion lobby group Cherish Life and put in letterboxes around Brisbane's north, claim if Labor wins at next month's federal election, abortion will be "legal until birth for any reason right around Australia". "These claims are complete rubbish," Plibersek told BuzzFeed News. "This group is stuffing people's letterboxes with baseless lies." Labor last month announced a $9.5 million sexual and reproductive health strategy for cheaper and

We Need To Talk About This New Argument For Keeping Abortion A Crime

As Queensland inches towards removing abortion from its criminal code, federal anti-abortion politicians have weighed into the debate. Senator Cory Bernardi last week took to the floor of the Senate to talk about sex selective abortion, ahead of voting in support of a motion moved by Toowoomba senator Barry O'Sullivan to condemn the Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion.

These Young Transgender People Want The Prime Minister To Know "Gender Whispering" Is Not A Thing

He linked to a Daily Telegraph article that revealed teachers were being "trained to identify potential transgender children in the classroom" and that this had contributed to a surge in the number of kids presenting at gender dysphoria clinics. BuzzFeed News spoke to some transgender young people and the mother of a transgender boy about how the prime minister's tweet made them feel.

Let Me Count The Ways I Tried To Talk To George Christensen About Abortion

Christensen wrote to treasurer Scott Morrison to ask that $9.5 million allocated to an international family planning organisation be redirected to pregnancy counselling services for young Australian mothers. At an anti-abortion rally in Queensland he encouraged the crowd to take action against that state's government, which is set to reintroduce legislation to decriminalise abortion once it receives recommendations from the Law Reform Commission.

We Asked Doctors Every Question This Queer Couple Has About Getting Pregnant

“I love this concept that babies can accidentally happen,” Georgia tells BuzzFeed News. The 33-year-old Sydney woman wants to start a family with her partner Max, a 31-year-old trans guy. The couple, both using pseudonyms to protect their privacy, want to conceive over the next few years but have found very little information online to help them in their decision-making process. “At the moment it is a pretty intense process and having healthcare professionals that you trust is important.”

This Is What It Is Actually Like To Have An IUD Inserted And Removed

Share On more Share On more Hormonal IUDs are inserted into your uterus where they release a small amount of progestin (a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring hormone progesterone) which thickens the cervical mucus, making it a hostile environment for sperm, so they can't get up there to reach the egg. First up, here are some things you should know before getting an IUD. People are often confused ("Is that the female condom thing?"); surprised ("I thought only mothers could get one?")
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