This Woman Was Sexually Assaulted And Then Harassed By Picketers When She Had An Abortion

Brisbane woman Kate made an appointment for an abortion at Options Clinic in the city's north in November 2015. The pregnancy was the result of a sexual assault two months earlier, and the mother-of-two said it was a difficult decision to end the pregnancy. "I didn't want to explain to this kid where they came from," the now 29-year-old, whose last name has not been published for privacy reasons, told BuzzFeed News.

We Need To Talk About This New Argument For Keeping Abortion A Crime

As Queensland inches towards removing abortion from its criminal code, federal anti-abortion politicians have weighed into the debate. Senator Cory Bernardi last week took to the floor of the Senate to talk about sex selective abortion, ahead of voting in support of a motion moved by Toowoomba senator Barry O'Sullivan to condemn the Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion.

Let Me Count The Ways I Tried To Talk To George Christensen About Abortion

Christensen wrote to treasurer Scott Morrison to ask that $9.5 million allocated to an international family planning organisation be redirected to pregnancy counselling services for young Australian mothers. At an anti-abortion rally in Queensland he encouraged the crowd to take action against that state's government, which is set to reintroduce legislation to decriminalise abortion once it receives recommendations from the Law Reform Commission.

These Women Funded Their Abortions With Facebook Donations

To get an abortion in the Sunshine State you will need hundreds of dollars at short notice, because they are mostly provided by private clinics – Queensland Health estimates only 1% of abortions are performed in public hospitals. There is a Medicare rebate but it doesn't cover the whole cost. Last year Queensland pro–abortion rights counselling service Children by Choice raised $90,000 for clients who needed financial assistance via grants, donations from other organisations, and no-interest loans. "None of the money we provide to women comes from government funding," the organisation's Kate Marsh told BuzzFeed News. "The no-interest loan scheme we run was set up with capital that came from a philanthropic grant and most of the rest is fundraised, by us or by other organisations."

We Spoke To The Female Politician Who Endured Months Of Abuse So Abortion Could Be Decriminalised

A few weeks before abortion was decriminalised in Queensland, Jackie Trad sat her electorate officers down and discussed whether she needed to hire security to protect them from protestors. "I had prayer groups turning up to my electorate office, people coming in and hurling abuse," Queensland's deputy premier told BuzzFeed News the morning after legislation introduced by her government to decriminalise abortion passed through the state's parliament. "My staff don’t deserve to come to work and

We Need To Talk About The Abortion Myth Male Politicians Keep Perpetuating

Staunch anti-abortion federal senator Barry O'Sullivan this week made a speech in which he perpetuated what women's health providers say is the "biggest myth" about abortion in Australia. The Toowoomba LNP senator moved a motion to condemn Queensland government for its proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion, which he said liberalised abortion in his home state "all the way through to late-term partial-birth abortion".

Australian Women Are Forgoing Groceries To Pay For Their Abortions

A third of women experienced financial difficulties – and more than two-thirds relied on financial assistance – to pay for a termination, according to a study of more than 2000 women published today. The study was led by La Trobe University's Judith Lumley Centre. "Women are having to make very difficult financial choices and forgo essential items in some cases in order to pay for a medical or surgical abortion," the Centre's director, Professor Angela Taft, told BuzzFeed News.

These Surgery Raids Show The Risks Of Abortion Remaining In The Criminal Code

Queensland surgeon Dr David Grundmann went to work on the morning of May 20, 1985, at the Townsville clinic at which he was the medical director. By midday he was holed up in a police station. "It came completely out of the blue when the police came into the premises and requested that everything be stopped, produced a search warrant and charged me with performing illegal abortions," Grundmann, 70, told BuzzFeed News.

This Catholic Archbishop Has Defended Comparing Legalised Abortion To Nazi Germany

Brisbane archbishop Mark Coleridge has released a video in which he defends comparing the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland to the eugenics program of Nazi Germany. On Sunday, the Courier Mail published an article in which Coleridge said he opposed an independent bill seeking to decriminalise abortion in Queensland because he was worried women would have later term abortions and use abortion for gender selection and for cosmetic reasons.
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