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Unsure about parenthood? You're not alone. There's a lot to consider when it comes to reproductive choice, evolving social norms mean that women don't have to follow a one-way path to motherhood. Either flying solo or coupled, hetero or queer, when it comes to taking control of fertility there's IVF, egg freezing, and more. And the decision to have children only leads to more questions - about careers, relationships, AND the state of the world.

18. Books To Get You Out of a Reading Rut and Deciding if You Want Children with Gina Rushton - Cool Story with Bri & Bridie

This week Bridie sits down with journalist and author Gina Rushton who has just had her book reviewed in the New Yorker! They discuss horny books to get you out of a reading rut; the different things freaking women out about becoming mothers in Australia, England and America; and what Gina changed her mind about since publishing her book. Her book was published in Australia as The Most Important Job in the World and in the UK and US as The Parenthood Dilemma.

The Parenthood Dilemma: a big question with a complex answer | The Briefing

Should I have a baby? That’s the big question Gina Rushton grapples with in her new book, The Parenthood Dilemma. She delves into some of the existential issues: whether it’s responsible to have children while our climate continues to heat up at a rapid rate; as well as the personal: why, when faced with the potential of her own infertility, she found herself questioning how she thought she felt about children. In this episode of The Briefing, Tom Tilley speaks with Gina

The Maternal Question - The Wheeler Centre

“I think a lot of the choice around having children or not is completely illusory. I don’t think we have as many choices as we think.” The way we live is ever-changing, but societal expectations about women’s relationships to motherhood have remained stiflingly rigid. Too often, popular narratives around motherhood disregard the varied and often challenging experiences that inform a person’s decision and opportunity to parent (or not). In this podcast episode, Gina Rushton, Sian Prior, and Natalie Kon-yu, three remarkable writers and thinkers from different backgrounds, consider the complexities of contemporary motherhood. They draw on their respective recent books, which each explore the political and personal implications of the journey towards, around or away from motherhood. Hosted by Eleanor Jackson.

Episode #146: How do I know if I ACTUALLY want kids?

On this episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura spoke to journalist and published author Gina Rushton. After being faced with the decision about whether she herself wanted children, Gina was inspired to investigate why we now feel so unsure of whether we want to become parents. This discussion reveals the modern complex considerations that people, in particular women now face when deciding on whether they want to bring a child into the world. From navigating the relationship with yourself and yo

Changing the conversation on violence against women from WalkleyTalks Podcast

Statistics show that in Australia, on average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. With gender-based violence at such critical levels, how influential can the media be in educating Australians, and ultimately changing behaviours to prevent violence? In this episode you’ll hear from journalists who are leading the way in this space: * Gina Rushton, Buzzfeed News, 2019 Our Watch Fellow * Sarah Malik, SBS Life, 2019 Our Watch Fellow * Alison Dance, 10 Daily, 2019 Our Watch Fellow.