This Guy Says He Is Owed Money After Working For The Government's $4 Per Hour Internship Program

Share On more Share On more In its 2016 federal budget, the government introduced the controversial scheme in which young people could voluntarily earn $200 a fortnight — or $4 an hour, as identified by BuzzFeed News — on top of their current welfare payments, for the duration of a four-to-12 week internship. Under the Youth Jobs PaTH policy, businesses receive an upfront $1,000 payment from the government for taking on the intern, who works for a maximum of 50 hours a fortnight. David, who a

A Coffee Chain Has Been Suspended From The Government’s Internship Program After Exploiting Young People

A Melbourne coffee franchise has been suspended from the government's flagship youth internship program after BuzzFeed News revealed two workers were chasing unpaid wages. "The department has looked into this case and has determined it was a clear violation and has now suspended this employer from the program," a Department of Employment spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

The Owner Of Melbourne's "Best Cocktail Bar" Told A Future Employee That Penalty Rates Don't Exist In Victoria

Melbourne bartender James Lea was excited when he scored a job offer at high-end cocktail establishment Bar Americano in the city's CBD. The 24-year-old had worked two unpaid trial shifts in November 2017 and was then offered a bartending position by the bar's owner Matthew Bax. Bax was once described by Broadsheet as the "most innovative bar owner the country has ever seen".

This Is Why Thousands Of Preschoolers Are Leaving Early Today

"A lot of people aren't aware of the fact that my educators are on as little as $22 an hour, which is absolute peanuts," Child, who will strike for better pay today, told BuzzFeed News. Centres will start to close from lunchtime today in what is the fourth walk-off in 18 months by Australia's childhood educators. They are demanding the government funds "professional pay" for workers who Child said were currently treated as "glorified babysitters".